Healthy Without The Hassle

The First Ready-to-Eat Human Grade Food for Dogs. Created by a Vet.

Food for Family

The First Ready-to-Eat Human Grade Food for Dogs. Created by a Vet.

Healthier & Tastier Than Kibble, but Just As Easy.


To preserve flavor and nutrients

Human Grade

All-Natural, top quality ingredients


Adored by even the pickiest pups

Zero Hassle

No prep, fridge, or clean-up required

There's Something
in the Air-Dried.

Created by a Veterinarian and an Engineer For Their Own Pup Family.

100% Human Grade & All-Natural

Cleaner Ingredients,
Cleaner Bowls.

There's No Comparison.

"Natural" Kibble
Our low-temperature, gentle air-drying process preserves the nutrients and flavors of our high quality ingredients
Hot Extruded
Kibble (typical dry dog food) is processed under extreme heat and pressure, then fortified with synthetic nutrients that are lost during the harsh process
Human Grade
All of our ingredients and food handling practices meet the FDA and USDA quality standards for human grade food, just like we eat.
Feed Grade
Pet food is made with "feed grade" ingredients that can include leftover meat from dead, diseased, dying, or disabled animals that are unfit for the human food chain.
0 Synthetics
Sundays contains no synthetic additives, which means all of our nutrients, vitamins and minerals come from natural food sources.
29 Synthetics
The average "natural" dog food is supplemented with 29 synthetic vitamins and minerals, because the harsh processing saps the food of nutrients. If you look closely, these foods will say "Natural... with added vitamins and minerals"
90% Meat
Sundays contains 90% Fresh Meat, Organs, and Bone, which provides the nutrients dogs need, with a taste they absolutely love.
20% Meat
The way that kibble is made ("hot extrusion", a process of extreme heat and pressure) requires a lot of starch to hold the pieces together. As a result, most kibble has to be made with less than 20% fresh meat, depriving dogs of natural nutrition and flavor.

Because they'd do it for you.